frequently asked questions


How will I know if a class is cancelled due to rain?

We will update our Facebook page immediately if classes will be cancelled due to weather.  Please like us on Facebook.  You can do so from our Home Page.  We will also email blast the group as soon as we can to inform you of any cancellation.

What is your Make-Up Policy?

If a class is cancelled due to weather or you happen to be sick on a given day, we will offer the following make up options:

1.  Come to a comparable class on a different day, or during a different week

2.  Come to a comparable class at a different time on any given day at any of our locations.

3.  You can double up on any given day by attending a class that goes back to back with the class that you are registered for.

4.  Saturday afternoons will be used for make up days for our Tournament Classes at Fairfax Station.  Saturdays may also be 

 used during the Summer to make up other classes based on circumstances.  Sessions may also be extended if we feel they            need to be based on existing circumstances.

What class should I be signing up for?

Beginners--Someone who is brand new to tennis or has had minimal experience with the sport.  We often have age group               classifications that serve as a guide for Beginner Classes.

Advanced Beginners--Someone who has  had lessons before and has a basic understanding of how to hit the ball but is not match       ready.  We often have age group classifications that serve as a guide for Advanced Beginner Classes.

Intermediates--Can maintain a rally for a good period of time.  Is capable of playing matches.  Not much Strategy is there quite yet.   This group typically is for students 10 and older that fit this description.

Advanced-- Can hit the ball with some pace and has begun to use strategies.  Typically people 12 and older would be in this class and would be considered to be at the level of a  lower end high school player.

Tournament--This class is typically for people 13 and older who are the equivalent of a middle to high end high school player.  These players hit with pace, use strategy, and can adapt their game to be successful against multiple styles of play.

All Levels--Sometimes we offer classes that are titled "All Levels".  This means that any level of play is welcome.  If this is the case, we will split up the class by level once the class is formed.

Still Unsure?  Contact us and we will be sure to find you the right fit.

Do you have a minimum class size?

Yes, we must have 4 people who have pre-registered for a class to run.

What is your Student/Teacher Ratio?

We will have a 6 to 1 ratio for most of our classes.  We do our best to make it less than that whenever possible. Some adult drills and games groups may at times go up to 8 to 1.

What Equipment do I need to bring for class?

Tennis Shoes, Tennis Racquet, proper athletic clothes and a water bottle.

Do you do Private Lessons?

Yes, We do a lot of Private, Semi-Private and Small Group Classes.  Please contact us to set something up.

If there is anything else that we can help you with, please contact Jeff Jones at  We are always happy to work with you and help you in any way that we can.  Thanks!